• Maitland Basketball

MBA Temporary Phone Number

Over the last 7 days, Maitland Basketball has had significant issues with our telephone and internet provider. This has impacted on members’ ability to communicate with the club as well as our ability to offer all services. We do apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused. Please see below some important information about the steps we have taken to resolve these issues:


  • Whilst we navigate the process of transferring providers, Our usual number at the moment is not connected.

  • We have a temporary mobile phone number – 0412 963 230.

  • You can reach our staff on this number during business hours. Out of hours, please send a text message with your name, and we will call you back when our office next opens.


  • We are very grateful for the support and assistance from Next Telecom.

  • Their team have been extremely efficient and supportive in helping us manage this transition.

  • They are working to have our internet and telephone systems back on line as soon as possible.


  • Unfortunately during this internet outage, we are unable to film or upload game video.

  • Next Telecom are aware of how much we love our Glory League, and so have prioritised reactivating our NBN Broadband so we can start sharing our Basketball experiences as soon as possible.

  • We will also need to work from Paper based scoresheets while our internet is down, and so will need to enter results manually. This may also take a short turnaround of a day or two to keep up to date on results.

Once again, we do apologise for any convenience caused, and assure you we are working as hard as we can to have our regular systems back in place as soon as possible.