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2021 Maitland Basketball AGM Wrap Up

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

On Wednesday 30th June, Maitland Basketball Association held its AGM at the Maitland Federation Centre. As expected, the Covid situation that had prevented an AGM from going ahead, also kept numbers low at this year’s event. Nonetheless, we are thankful to all who attended and participated in important conversations about the future of our club.

Below is a summary of the key resolutions to come out of the meeting.

Elevation of Peter Proctor to Life Member

Maitland Basketball is proud to announce the Pete has been appointed a Life Membership of Maitland Basketball. The Proctor family are synonymous with our club’s rich history and Pete has been a loyal and humble contributor to the club over several decades. Below is a transcript of Cal Wade’s presentation in nominating Pete as a Life Member, with contributions to the story from Mark Wawszkowicz.

Son of club legends John and Margaret Proctor, Pete started his junior Mustangs career in 1990 as a 12-year-old. In our u14s program. Pete went onto represent NSW numerous times, and not only was he a highly skilled player but also very tenacious and tough. The qualities that Pete displayed during his playing career can be seen today in the tough-minded defensive approach of our men’s team, and Pete was a true reflection of the Mustangs style.
Pete also contributed to the club as a referee during his junior rep career, like many of our junior players still do today. Pete moved onto our senior program where he competed for 13 years as a senior Mustang in Youth and ABA leagues. While playing for the senior men’s, Pete also got involved in a coaching capacity, coaching junior Mustangs teams and also the Youth Women for an extended period, and was also a member of the rep committee in the late 1990’s.
After his retirement from playing in 2006, Pete returned to the coaching ranks in 2013 when his eldest son Ashton begun playing junior rep basketball for Maitland. Pete has been involved as a rep coach every year since, following his sons through the rep program but also assisting with other teams during this 8 year period.
Pete served as president of MBA from 2016 – 2019, and during this period had a hugely positive impact on the club and its operations. During his time as president, Pete improved policies and procedures, facilitated and created a 10-year strategic plan document, built a relationship with Maitland Council and started negotiations around facility ownership and lease, and made numerous improvements to the structure of the board and it’s constitution. He poured in countless hours as president over this 4-year period and his contribution will be lasting in MBA for years to come. He even served as stand-in operations manager in a volunteer capacity in 2016 for 4 months as we went through a staff transition period.
Pete’s contribution to the club as an outstanding president, player, coach, referee and volunteer since joining as a junior Mustang 30 years ago is highly valued. As a coach and volunteer, Pete is a great example for not just our athletes, but he has also been a great role model for me in my time as a board member and club person. His commitment, professionalism, and passion for the club is exemplary and is something that all members, whether it be the junior athletes he coaches or the board members continuing on from Pete’s tenure, can look up to and value. Although we think (or hope!) that Pete still has plenty to give, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of life membership of MBA.

Appointment of the following directors for a two-year term

- Jerome Coleman (Chair)

- Tracey De Friskbom (Incoming)

- Penny Iverach (Incoming)

Appointment of the following directors for a one-year term

- Dan Moore (MIPO)

- Cal Wade (Treasurer)

- Shane McDougall

Jerome Coleman continues in his role as Chairperson for 2021, having joined Maitland Basketball’s Board of Directors in late 2019, and appointed Chairperson in early 2020. The club also welcomes back Cal Wade, Dan Moore and Shane McDougall, all long serving board members.

MBA received two nominations from aspiring board members. We welcome Tracey De Friskbom and Penny Iverach, both of whom were appointed unopposed. Both Penny and Tracey bring a wealth of strategic and professional experience to the club.

Penny Iverach comes from a professional background in IT Digital Transformation - currently with the Newcastle Permanent Building Society - with a focus on service delivery and leading organisational change, as well as extensive experience across IT services, consulting, risk, compliance, auditing and project management functions. Penny values collaboration and mutually supportive team environments as key enablers in our club’s ability to meet our club’s strategic and business objectives.

I adopt a solution focussed approach with the ability to consider different viewpoints to create a collaborative and mutually supportive team environment enabling the strategic vision and goals to be realised. I operate with energy, decisiveness and possess a clear strength in people leadership. I set a clear and achievable path forward, carefully manage risk and prioritise actions that add the most value.

Tracey De Friskbom has been connected to the Maitland Basketball Association through her daughter Hayley’s involvement as junior player, now Mustangs Representative. Her professional role is as General Manager Corporate Services / CFO with leading Hunter Valley disability support services provider Mai-Wel Group Limited. Tracey brings a passion for community partnerships and sustainability to our Board.

I am a believer in championing successes and through advocacy and storytelling, connection can be made to attract more members as well as partners to provide both financial and in-kind support. I also see change and continuous improvement as critical, with differing generations being stakeholders looking for that point of difference and standards that invoke a sense of ownership and pride which will lead to a stronger voice and presence in the community. I look forward to the prospect of being successful in securing a position on the board and working to contribute to the Maitland Mustangs' PRIDE!

MBA would also like to point out and applaud the contributions of the outgoing board members: Stacy Jacobs, Sue Cross, Mark Wawszkowicz and Lara Shipard; all of whom have made wonderful contributions in their tenure as volunteer directors for our club.

There is no doubt that Maitland Basketball has faced some tough challenges over the previous 18 months, as have all not-for-profit community organisations such as ours. As was pointed out by Jerome Coleman in his Chairman’s report:

The key challenge has been COVID 19. Many hours and Zoom meetings were held to allow us to reopen MBA in a COVID safe manner. Although not alone in this journey, I would like to point out that basketball was one of few sports to recover quickly in our region. This resulted in high participation numbers and helped the Association recover quickly… The Board’s key strategy for 2021 is to recover the Association so that we can drive improvements into 2022.

MBA’s newly appointed Board of Directors and staff are all very excited about the future of our fantastic club.